Brexit Tapestry

Hastings artist stitches 6.5-metre artwork charting the Battle of Brexit 

Hastings-based stitch artist Brigitte Mierau spent 2017 stitching Preliminary Notes to Self for the Making of The Brexit Tapestry, a tapestry that depicts and comments upon the Brexit process from just before the June 2016 referendum to the end of the “divorce principle” negotiations in December 2017.

The artwork takes the form of 22 hand-stitched A3-sized pages which can be displayed stitched together side-by-side as a wall panel measuring 653 x 42 cm (257 x 16.5 inches), or in the format currently on public display at London’s Camberwell Space gallery, with the 22 pages mounted together in the form of a legal notepad.

Brexit Tapestry: Preliminary Notes to Self for the Making of The Brexit Tapestry

Brigitte Mierau was born in Hamburg, Germany, but has lived in the UK for the past 46 years. The tapestry documents not only all the key Brexit figures – from Nigel Farage, David Cameron, Theresa May, Boris Johnson and David Davis to Gina Miller, Jeremy Corbyn and others – but also Brigitte’s own Brexit story.

As The Bayeux Tapestry is coming to the UK, The Brexit Tapestry is set to make the opposite journey. It will go to the gallery Kunsthaus Kirschbluethe in Brandenburg and there are hopes to tour it around galleries in the UK and Europe.

Brigitte Mierau quote

“The tapestry charts the story of Brexit from the time just before the referendum until the end of the first round of talks in last December as well as my personal experience as a German national who has lived most of her life in Britain. The piece also features an email printed onto fabric from Theresa May to me. Needless to say the truth in that email was used economically.”